Staging natural loveliness

A classical feminine icon – The natural loveliness in a gilded cage.

Helmut Newton has photographed women during his professional life repeating the same interests in doing so  – staged and exposed them naked, bound-up, sado masochistic, voyeuristic, fetishistic – earned his money nearly like a pimp. In this image I impersonate him wondering if he maybe wanted to be a woman himself.

Camera Lucida


Camera LucidaThe way the light enters your place – your rooms – are of importance for your feelings, your well being – your health. How often are the places we live in constructed following this kind of consideration?

Web-Stole-m-sol0808Sitting close in silence – drawn away from the crowd – enjoying the moment

Web-Interioeur-L1010009Chairs – sculptures – expressions – rythms – music



Web-Rullestol-eks2Appropriation to Michelangelo’s sculpture Caritas and to all paintings showing -women to be looked at- placed in chairs or as the Gorilla Girls express it The only way women get an important place in a National Gallery is more or less naked in a painting. Both my mother and my brother died of Parkinsons disease – This time I am in the other end of the wheelchair.

Web-Dans-med-fireMake him in a good mood – Show him what he wants to see – He is my man and I love him so!

The Mafia


Web-I-am-listening-4073I am listening! – Tell me about it – although I think I have decided what will happen next!

Web-Pige-med-oeredob-0834Appropriation – Freely after Vermeer –